Friday, May 24, 2013

Preschool 'Graduation'

Niko with his teacher Mrs. Elisha.  We are REALLY going to miss her... she has been so great with Niko!

 Niko's class singing their song.

It's a bit dark and far away, but this was their song.

 Super Star.

Receiving his certificate.

Godparents Mark & Shelly.

Tia Maria and the Abuelos.  Niko's face cracks me up.

Happy family!

This is why we don't dress up often....  look how much fun Niko is having with his Godfather tho...

Shelly and Ryker.

Niko's Preschool certificate.

Niko's Christian Character Trait is Compassion.  I would say that is true!

Niko is most likely to be a ninja when he grows up!

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