Thursday, May 30, 2013

Double Doctor's Appointments

I always seem to forget to take photos while the doctor is in the room.  This is post shots and you can see, we are not happy.  Ryker is a chunky-monkey (no surprise.)  He weights 23.1 pounds (85%) his giant head is 18.25" (81%) and he is 28" long (45%) - oh my.  He is a Morris.... fat and short!!!
Niko also had a dentist appointment yesterday afternoon.  Here he is in the X-Ray machine.

Look at those molars and adult teeth waiting in the wings.

Here he is getting his teeth cleaned.

Here is Dr. Spencer going over his teeth.  No cavities!  :)

And... now we are getting treats for being such a good boy.

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alissa apel said...

All I was looking at was Ryker's head because you wrote about it. I was thinking, Man he has an odd top of the head. Then I realized there is a mirror behind him. His head isn't odd shaped at all!