Friday, May 31, 2013

Citizen's Police Academy

This week, I graduated from the Blue Springs Citizen's Police Academy.  This 9-week class is a hands-on training that shows students the inner workings of the Police Department.

My car was used to show how police do car stops.

We learned how to dust for fingerprints.

This was the Firearms Training Class.  We visited the MCC simulator and had our first firearms safety training session.

Sgt. Kintz, our Citizen's Police Academy instructor. 
Practicing with the 9 mm pistol.  I later qualified for the Concealed Carry 9 mm portion.

Practicing with the revolver.

The qualifying section of the CCW test.  The star portion of the target was my first 50 rounds and the bottom photo was my qualifying 20 rounds.

I had a great time during my class!  Class photo time!

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