Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Houston Trip

Last week, we went to Houston to visit Do-Da and Grandpa.  Long story/short, Do-Da has been diagnosed with cancer and is currently going to MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston for treatment.  We met up with my brother and Lacie to cheer up Do-Da and spend some time hanging out.

Last time Do-Da saw Ryker, he was underweight for his age.... oh how things have changed.

Niko was super excited to see Do-Da.

Playing Legos are a must.

Uncle Donnie had fun beating up Niko-chan.

A rare photo of Uncle Donnie holding a baby.  Ryker is checking out Uncle Donnie's facial hair... and hoping not inherit that....

 So many Legos...

Crashed out.


Aunt Lacie and Niko-chan.

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alissa apel said...

That's good that you were all able to go hang out with your mom.