Saturday, August 31, 2013

Niko & Ryker's Birthday Bash!

High Five and Big One!

 The Godparents saving the world.

Jake and Max driving.... this will actually happen in real life before we know it!

 Gooch watching Tracy rocking out.

Ellie driving as well.

Grandma and Grandpa 'O' playing skeeball.

Sara and Chase checking out the SpongeBob game.

Big baby time.

Eric and Owen taking out the bad guys.

 Abuelo watching as Niko tries to defeat the dinos.

 Skeeball time with the Abuelos and Tia!

After many games, it was pizza time.

Ryker's cake didn't really survive the hot car ride to Chuck E Cheese.....

Niko's cake did much better.
Before we sang Happy Birthday... it was Ticket Blaster Time!!!!

Monica's kids look on....

Niko inside the Ticket Blaster....

Even Ryker had a turn!!!

Niko with his cake!

Ryker-kun with his cake.
 Kinda creepy.... Ryker didn't know Chucky was behind him.
 Happy Birthday Song!
Blowing out the candles.

The birthday boy with Chucky.

Dancing with Chucky.

Ryker started to loose the no-nap battle.... and....

Ryker crashed out right after the birthday song....

Monica did some face painting after the birthday cake.

Ninja Turtle Time!

 Louis was transformed into a pirate!

 Chase got a shark.

Owen got a dragon.

Alyssa and Will.

Ryker was all better after a power nap.  Here he is with Grandma '0.'

Present time!

One last round in the playground with Louis.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

1 Year Checkup

Ryker had is 1-year-old checkup on Monday.  Sorry for the crappy cell phone pict, but it was all I had.  He is a very healthy boy!  I mean look at him.... he's obviously not starving.  :)  He had two of his three shots on Monday and we will pick up the third shot when we take Niko to the doctor in September.  I asked them to split the shots up since Niko had a bad reaction to the Chicken Pox vaccine.  (Hives.)

Ryker is 30" tall (60%) and weights in at 25.7 lbs (83%)!!  Unlike his brother his head is still on the charts at 18.5" (70%.)   Although, I still say I think Ryker would have been identical to Niko if he had had the additional 4 weeks of gestational time like Niko did.   Ryker was 2 weeks early and Niko was 2 weeks late - if you do the math, there are 4 weeks difference between the two.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Face Painting Fun

We went over to Monica's house this weekend for a hair cut, but while we were there, she painted Niko's face!   Monica is going to be face painting the kiddos at our Naka-Kids party this coming weekend.  Here is Niko looking pretty worried about getting his face painted.

 But then he LOVED it!  He kept looking at himself in her hand mirror.

One happy boy!

Annnnndddd.... I got my face painted too.  :)

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Happy Birthday Ryker-kun!

Happy birthday cake for Ryker-kun.  Not bad for my practice cake.

Niko cracks me up.  The bottom photo was him making sure he doesn't blink for the photo. 
 Plated up with a candle on.   :)

The general look of unease.....

Hummm... I wonder what he thinks of it.
This is TERRIBLE!!!!


 Trying a slice.

I don't think I'm sold on this....

 Niko explaining how it's done.

Thinking about it....
Ok.... I will like it.   :)