Thursday, August 1, 2013

Family Time

The one 'nice' thing about funerals is catching up with family that you haven't seen in a while.  Uncle Gary and Aunt Brenda are my Mom's older brother and sister.  We have seen them quite a bit over the last several weeks and it was nice hanging out with them again.  

Aunt Brenda and her husband, my Uncle Tootsie (Earl.)  I never did get the group photo of all of my Mom's sisters and brother....  so we will have to 'Go Down the Bayou' sometime soon.

This is my Aunt Kay (on my Dad's side) wearing Ryker-kun around.  The next day, she remarked how her back and legs were sore from Ryker's weight... heheh... he is a chunker.

From left to right, Uncle Jimmy, my Dad and Aunt Kay.  It was great seeing everyone again - it's not often all the Morris' are all together.  (This is probably a good thing... we put the hurt on the area pizza supply.)

On Sunday, we thought we would terrify the neighbors by arming the children.  Here is Jenny and Ryan shooting grandpa's Daisy Red Ryder BB guns.  I have to say it.... 'You will shoot your eye out kid!'

It almost looks like he knows what he's doing....

My sister looks pretty tough here....

Cousin's photo!  Ryan, Ryker, Jenny and Niko-chan.

Grandpa with Ryker, Jenny, Ryan and Niko.

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alissa apel said...

That's quite the clan. I hope your brother was able to be there.

I know that holding babies/tots and even preschoolers can wear on your back and legs. My sister Terra's son Emerson weighs a ton! Of course he doesn't help you out with caring him around. Such a chunk.