Monday, December 30, 2013

Sick Baby

Someone was feeling under the weather on Sunday.  Poor little man.... he had a fever and threw up early in the day.  By the end of the day, and with help from Baby Motrin, he was at least sitting upright again. 

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Thank You Grandpa Morris!!!

We opened Grandpa Morris' Christmas presents on Christmas Eve.  Here's Niko tearing into his present.

Lego SpongeBob - AWESOME!

Ryker's turn!

A Little People Nativity Set!  AWESOME!

Thank you so much Grandpa Morris!  Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas!!!

So early....

Loves his new bath pail.


Nom... nom... nom....

Pikachu blanket!
 Pikachu!!!!!  Neil says I am brainwashing them... no way!

OMG!!!!  Robin from Teen Titans GO!
Woah!  Stockings!
More food!!!
Old School Cartoons.  Word!

Making some crayons.... building some Legos....
Merry Christmas everyone!

Christmas Eve

Cookies and milk for Santa!
Oh.... Santa came.... and he brought Cheez-Its!!!!!
Our Santa brings candy canes....
Oh!  He ate the cookies and drank the milk!
And filled all the stockings.... with Cheez-Its!!!

Christmas Eve with the Godparents

Wowser!  Look at what Ryker got!  What a teddy bear!  (BTW, Ryker loves it!!!)
Presents for Niko-chan!

 Niko loves his gifts!  :)

 Presents for the Godparents.

I am shocked any of these photos turned out... I was laughing so hard.  Ryker was jumping up and down on Godfather Mark.... look at that happy face!

 Ryker can't resist the call of the cardboard.... especially when he is wearing his 'Beat It' shirt.  Work it Ryker!

Then it is time to play with Mark again.... I  love that look on Mark's face.

Back to the boxes.

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Here we are trying to sing Happy Birthday to Daddy... only someone wants it to be his birthday.  
Look at that face!
Finally got him to sing.
And Niko got to blow out the candles.  All is well.  Happy Birthday Daddy!!!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Soccer Time!

Niko wanted me to take photos of him doing his soccer moves.... so.... que the photo show!

 Ryker-kun wanted to join in the fun!

It was super-cute seeing them play together.

At the rate Ryker-kun is growing... this sport might be a better fit for him!