Tuesday, June 24, 2008

South wall

We finished the touch-up paint and I hung the remaining prints today. The small images are actually considered hand towels in Japan. They feature Totoro in all 4 seasons. The larger print with Totoro and the kites is a hand painted print.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Shamrock time

Well - I have been doing nothing else but sewing, but I am about 80% done with my project. The characters are all done on both the bumpers and the quilt. All that's left now are the shamrocks.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Busy weekend!

The bumpers are now about 80% done. All I really have left to do are the shamrocks on the front and back. I'll do those next weekend.

I have begun the quilt part of the bedding. As you can see, I am about 40% done with the quilt. The next part will be adding the eyes and belly segments.

The prints came in from Japan. The room is really starting to come together. I will post photos of the other side of the room when we get done hanging the rest of the prints.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Totoro onesies

Before starting the bedding, I made some cute little onesies with Totoro characters on them. The are normal Gerber onesies that I sewed felt characters on.

Totoro bedding - in progress

These are the bumper sections - there are four separate sections. I will do the large quilt last.

The first photo is just the raw background colors. I should have taken some photos before I added the belly and eye segments. Oh well....

The second photo is after I put the black details in. My next step is to add the details on the belly section.

Nursery - bare basics

Here is a VERY early view of the nursery. The theme of the nursery is Totoro, he is a Japanese character. Unfortunately, the only way to get Totoro items is to import them.... that is if you can find them. Sooo..... we are having to import or make all the decorations in the nursery.

I made the mobile from Totoro plushies and I am currently sewing the bedding. We ordered some neat original prints from Japan that will arrive soon.

We have cats so I haven't put the mattress in just yet. My shower is on July 12 so everything has to be done by then. I'll post some photos so you can track my progress!

We are pregnant.... wow.

This is "Magnus" - well... that's his nickname for right now. We had this uber creepy 3-D scan done at 30 weeks. So far so good!