Monday, May 20, 2013

Busy Weekend!

The Gooches hosted a Backyard Firepit BBQ on Saturday night.  Neil had to work, but the boys and I never like to miss out on a good time.  Here is Doug holding Ryker-kun.

 The sure-to-be best friends are together again.  Will and Alyssa are joined by Ryker and Lena.  

 Hehheheheh....  Looks like Will is going to get back at Ryker for the last time they hung out.  Ryker grabbed Will's gorgeous locks last time.

 Ryker loves Lena!  And it looks like he is about half of her size (and weight) now!  :)

Two of our St. Louis area friends came for a visit this weekend.  They were in town to attend the Spectrum Fantasy Art Live conference.  The show was great, but it was even nicer to see Barton and Becky again.

We took them to check out a KC icon, Arthur Bryant's BBQ.  We plan on visiting St. Louis sometime this summer - it's been far too long for us!

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alissa apel said...

It looks like a fun time!