Thursday, May 2, 2013

Day at the Museum

 While we were in Houston, we visited the Museum of Natural History.   They recently expanded their dinosaur exhibit.

Check out the size of that shark!!

 A cool fossil of a fish eating another fish.

We took the guided tour of the dinosaur area.  Our guide was really informative and very entertaining.  The cool thing is that they have all of these interactive things for the kids to do during the tour. Here they are touching fossils.

Hehehe... they handed the kids each a fossil to hold.... then told them they were holding fossil poop.  Awesome.

Family photo time.

They had a dinosaur ride as well.... and of course.... Niko wanted to ride it.   Rarrrr!

Then we took a tour of the oil production/science area.  Uncle Donnie was in his element.  Get it? 

Niko doing the science stuff....

Uncle Donnie is showing us where to drill.

Get that oil.

Uncle Donnie and Niko are about to get drilled.....

Happy family!

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alissa apel said...

That dino ride looks fun!