Thursday, December 20, 2012

Snow Day

We kinda had an unexpected snow day today.  The truck's 4x4 was acting up and without that power, the truck couldn't get out of our neighborhood.  So Neil and I had to share the rent-a-car.  He took the morning shift and I took the afternoon. 

When I got home, Niko and I started making cookies.  We baked 5 batches of cookies for Niko's teachers and our neighbors.  Mmmm... look at him go!

While I was taking cookies out of the oven I looked over and caught this really cute moment. Ryker was getting a bit fussy and Niko climbed into the 'ghetto-fabulous'  floor mobile.   (You may remember this from Niko, click here.)  Niko was playing with Ryker and talking to him while I was busy.  It warms my heart to see Niko being a good big brother.

 Sooo..... how do you have your older kid play with snow when you are by yourself with a 3-month-old?  Grab the tupperware and scoop up some fun!

 He played with the snow for about 4 seconds, then cried because his hands were cold.

Note to self, buy Niko new gloves that actually fit.

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