Monday, December 3, 2012

Mommy Bear Round Two

I must say, this was one of the cutest things to happen in our house in a while.  I was taking dinner out of the oven and Ryker was getting a bit fussy.  I called out to Niko to talk to his brother for me and when I got into the living room, I found Ryker like this.  Niko had covered him up with a blanket and tucked in the Mommy Bear for him.  He even turned it on for Ryker.  The Mommy Bear he gave Ryker is an old one we tried to give to Niko years ago when we thought we lost his other "Baby."  I still remember Niko looking at it and saying, "Not the Baby."  

I guess the torch has been passed and Ryker now has his own "Baby."

Thought I would snap off a few photos of Ryker with his new best friend.  Since it has been so warm, we have been able to have semi-naked time still.  I don't know any baby that doesn't love hanging out in just a diaper.

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