Thursday, December 27, 2012

Good Bye Golf

Here is my poor baby..... I think the plastic sheeting adds to the salvage value of the car.  You can't tell it from the photo, but the axle and tie rod are damaged as well as the dashboard.  Poor little girl.  She didn't deserve this, she was in the correct lane, minding her own business.

I didn't want to be here to see her towed off, but VWs lock themselves after 2 minutes so I couldn't leave the keys in the glove box like they instructed.  Actually, the glove box doesn't close any more so that was out of the question anyway. 

I hope someone buys her and fixes her up.  She was a good car and deserved a better ending than this.  She would make an excellent first car for a student driver.  I know I loved zipping around town in her!  :)

I was feeling pretty bummed out about my car... then I got a text from Niko-chan and it made me smile.  He's really good at texting his name....

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