Thursday, September 6, 2012

Niko's 4th Birthday Party!

At first Niko was shocked... then a bit scared... then shocked again by the Chuck E. Cheese robot.

Chuck E Cheese then came out in 'real life' and put a crown on Niko's head and proceeded to dance with the kids.

Here is his pimp crown....

After the crowning, medallioning and dancing, they stick the birthday kid in the ticket blaster.  It looks like one of those 70's game show gimmicks.   You can sort of see the look of horror/wonder on his face.

  He scored the best prize!  1,000 tickets!

 The last known photo of the Lego cake...

 Candles out!  Then it's game time!

Niko with his buddy Louis.

 Alyssa and Louis.

Godparents and Grandma 'O'.

Our group loved the skeeball games.

 Gooch showing his NBA skillz.

  The Browning Boys playing games with Niko-chan.

Parents with the Birthday Boy!  (Proof we love him.)  :)   And yes... this was the best photo of him we got.  It was hard to pry him away from the games.


alissa apel said...

How fun!

curtis03 Lewis said...

Wow! it seems like a fun party. It’s the perfect venue NYC for a kid’s birthday celebration. I will also take my son and his friends to a place like this on his birthday next week. I really liked this post a lot. The kid is really very adorable.