Friday, September 28, 2012

4 Year Check Up

Niko had his 4-year-old check up yesterday.  We are very fortunate, he's a healthy kid!  He's 41" tall (65%), 39 lbs (70%) and he has low blood pressure 98/56.  I do scratch my head at the 70% for weight... he's solid as a rock, but is a slim kid!  I have a really hard time getting pants to fit his little waist and be long enough for his legs!

This photo was taken before the shots... he had 5 shots and a finger stick! OUCH!  I felt really bad for him - it's really hard to see them in pain.  I figured he would be a bit grumpy so I kept him home with me today.  He seemed to be feeling fine after we visited Toys R Us and he got a Captain America Lego toy.... magic healing powers!

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