Sunday, May 13, 2012

Niko's Garden 2012

Niko and I had a busy day of gardening.  I should have taken a photo of what this space looked like before 20 minutes of weed pulling.  It looked like I was gardening crab grass and clovers.

Niko didn't really help as much as run around the yard begging for crab apples from the front tree.  He loves eating them even though they are so sour they make is face pucker up.

Here is the 2012 version of Niko's garden.  We have two cherry tomato plants and one regular one.   Niko really like his cherry tomatoes last year so  I decided to double them up this year.  We have a red and green pepper plant as well.  I am looking for some herbs to plant in the open space....

When we were at the store, Niko begged me for this planting set.  It has more tomatoes and some banana peppers in it.  Good thing I have more space in the garden!  I am starting some herb seedlings in the black containers.

Niko really liked the fact that the dirt pellets expanded right away.  He did a really good job of putting the seeds into the little pots and kept running back to see if they have sprouted yet.  I tried to tell him it will be a while, but ever 15 minutes or so he went back to check on them.  It's going to be a long week!

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