Friday, May 18, 2012

Disaster Nursery

This is what the nursery looks like right now.  Disaster time.  I would say I am about 1/3 of the way done getting all of Niko's baby stuff cleaned up and unpacked.  We moved when Niko was over a year old so some of it I don't remember where we put it in the new house.  When I finally find it, I have to carve out a spot for it.... groan.

I found all of his old clothes from ages 0-9 months and have them cleaned and unpacked.  I know where the 12 month clothes are, but I don't have room for them yet.  Next weekend, I plan to start cleaning this room up and getting the crib/changing table ready.  

Then I will attempt to get the old car seats, toys and gear together, cleaned and organized.  We may have to thin out some of Niko's MASSIVE amount of toys to make it all fit in his toy room.  Yikes.... we will see how that goes!  :)

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alissa apel said...

It's a never ending process! Clean, go through, get rid of. Clean, go through, get rid of.