Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Dentist Superstar

Niko went to the dentist for the first time today.  They did a great job with showing him all of the tools and explaining what they were doing to him.  Here he is getting a chair ride.  He looks like a diva with those shades on and reclining in the chair!

The hygienist was showing Niko the tooth polisher and letting him smell the tooth polish.  He picked bubble gum flavoring.  She spun the tool on his finger so he could see that it didn't hurt, only tickled.

Opening up wide like he's done this his whole life.

I  was SHOCKED how well he did.  I thought for sure he would freak out when she started polishing his teeth, but he did great.  We kept telling him how shiny his teeth were getting.

Dr. Spencer (my dentist) came in and counted his teeth (checking them for cavities.)  He's up to 20 teeth and she said they look great!  He had no cavities and got a fluoride treatment for maintenance.

He did a great job and got two prizes, a sticker and a SpongeBob toothbrush.  Now he thinks the dentist is an awesome place with rides and prizes.  Sweet.

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