Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Yea....  we were on our way to Best Buy yesterday when I smelled a familiar smell.  I looked behind me and saw a poopie hand waving at me.  Sooo gross.  So I turned around and headed home to clean up the disaster.  I only had my cell phone camera with me this time.  Look at that sad-panda face!

After I cleaning the car seat and a quick bath, I gave Niko the new(ish) toy we bought for him.  I bought this off Craigslist for $10.  A little scrubbing and the dino is good as new!  :)


robyn fabsits said...

How does he get to the poo? Ack!

Kim and Neil said...

He blew out his diaper.. again! It's AMAZING how much poop he can produce. He is his father's son!

alissa4illustration said...

Mica used to have poop blow outs. Not too many with Isaak. They are not fun!

We have that Drop N Roar Dinosaur. I bought it for Mica $50! Mica played with it a lot, but Isaak barely touches it. :(