Monday, June 29, 2009

Minnesota '09 trip

Neil and Niko in front of the iconic Minnesota sculpture.

Niko cut his top two teeth during our Minnesota trip.  We had him chew on some rib bones to help the teeth come through.  He loved it..... even thought it was nasty to watch.
Here is Niko playing with Aunt Ruth and Uncle Julio.

Niko loved playing with his second cousin Alexis.

Here we are at the farmer's market in Minnesota.  We are here with Phil who is married to Ericka (Neil's second cousin), Aunt Maria and Neil.

We had a great trip!  We went to the sculpture garden, farmers market and the zoo.  Not too bad considering it was only a weekend trip!  :)


Donald said...

Can't really put my finger on it, but Neil looks really good in those pictures. Much more than usual...

Kim and Neil said...

He totally got cat-called at in that shirt. I told him the proper response is, "Geaux Tigers!"