Thursday, June 4, 2009

I want REAL food

Dinner time has always been a bit tricky.   He is generally a good eater, but it's not uncommon to have some tears at dinner time.  He goes from wanting to eat to crying in a heartbeat some nights.

Lately he eats his puffs great, then when it comes time for cereal or other baby food it's tear time.  Last night it was massive-freak out time.  We have been giving him some table food recently because he has shown a MAJOR interest in it.

After a few puffs, he had some pork tender loin, some bread dipped in some baby food and desert was fresh fruit.  I don't know what the problem is with him not wanting baby food at dinner.  Is it the texture?  Is is the fact he wants to feed himself?

I wonder if it's because he sees us eating it and he wants it.  He doesn't see us eating out of plastic tubs.... and I would imagine that our food smells a lot better than his food.


robyn fabsits said...

I know w/ Violet it was that she wanted to feed herself. That solved a lot of our crying and fits at dinner. He's ahead of the game if he wants to feed himself. Violet didn't like touching food but didn't want us to feed her either. Also try letting him hold a spoon while you feed him. That worked for us too. It was like a distraction.

alissa4illustration said...

They just go throw a stage of, "I want finger foods Mommy!"

Later on he'll go through a stage of, "I want to throw my food Mommy!"

Lots of stages, but that's how they learn to be more independent.

Like Robyn said, giving him a spoon while you feed him does work great! So does dipping his bread in baby food like you said. I've also spread baby food on a tortilla shell, cut it up in pieces, and give it to them.