Friday, May 22, 2015

Kindergarten Graduation!

Godmother Shelly and Grandma O!
Daddy, Abuelo, TiTi and Abuela.
Godfather Mark and Diana.
Program begins with Ms. Bullard addressing the audience.
 Reading a poem.

 Slide show!

Niko was awarded the Christian Character Award for Creativity and the Class Sweetheart Award... yea....  his teacher told us she had to award that to him.  When he sees girls, she can see the hearts dancing around his head.  Trouble.
Niko earned on of the school's highest academic awards!  He graduated with a 96% GPA and was awarded an Academic Excellence trophy!   YAYAYAYAYY!!!!

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alissa apel said...

That's good so many people were able to go. Way to go Niko!