Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Enamel Hypoplasia

So we learned something new over the past few weeks.  We now know all about Enamel Hypoplasia. Ryker was born without enamel on his back molars.  This is a type of birth defect in which the enamel on Ryker's back teeth didn't form correctly in the womb. To be honest, out of all of the things that could go wrong when a baby forms, I will take this problem.   Although problematic, modern dentistry can help provide a semi-permanent solution.

Recovering with Mommy.  It took two sessions, but he now has caps on his back molars and hopefully when his permanent teeth come in, they will be normal.

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alissa apel said...

This is so sad! Boo that he had to go through that!

Isaak has to see an orthodontist later this month. He had a tooth fall out that's not supposed to come out until he's 12 years old. His teeth are way too crowded.