Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Public Art Dedication

Last night, the boys and I attended the Blue Springs 2014 Temporary Public Art Exhibit Dedication.  Daddy had to work so I took the boys with me to the ceremony.  Terrifying.  Yea... a quiet, fancy event and two rambunctious boys?  'Fun.'

Niko did well, thanks to my friend Cindy's phone.  Ahhhh... what did we ever do before smartphones?   Big thanks to Cindy for all of her help!

I had my phone too, but only one boy at a time could play with it.  Ryker is pretty good at texting....
And running around, playing with the water fountain, clapping at the wrong time and screaming YAYYYAYAY!!!!    Whew.  Pretty glad this is a once-a-year thing!

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