Thursday, June 6, 2013

Pull Up!

Finally got a few photos of Ryker pulling himself up on the furniture.  And Niko photo-bombing him with his PB&J sandwich.  Sigh.


When I picked Ryker up from daycare, I was greeted with his first (of many to come) 'Ouch Reports.'  He has been pulling himself up at daycare as well, and it looks like his knack for falling on his face is not a 'home only' talent.

Ms. Elizabeth said he has been pulling himself up on everything all day and he gets mad when he can't do it.  He has started to cruse along furniture both at daycare and at home.  Maybe we won't really master crawling (he still drags himself along the floor rather than a traditional crawl) and just jump to walking.

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alissa apel said...

Go Ryker!

What you are describing is still considered a crawl. Any crawl is a crawl. I just know from when Mica was a little guy. He dragged his left leg with his crawl. The Geneticists Doctors he had to see for his tongue, then later staph infection said, "Any crawl is a crawl. Even if it's not a traditional one."

He just has his own artistic out of the box crawl.