Monday, June 10, 2013

Park Time (again)

It was a BEAUTIFUL weekend here in KC, so we headed to the park.  (No big surprise here... we practically live in the park this time of year.)

Niko-chan climbing on everything possible.

New hair cut!

 Standing by the penguin for the park's namesake, Penguin Park.

Astro Boy had to come with us to the park.

Ryker-kun slept most of the time.

Behold, the Nakahodo child chariot.   We (me) have been walking to the park from our house for exercise... and what a workout it is!  We live a little over a mile from Penguin Park and the walk is very hilly.  Oh, just a mile to and from you say?  Try pushing 75 POUNDS of kid & gear up and down hill for a mile or so and you will feel the burn!

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