Monday, April 8, 2013

Planet ComicCon

Here we are at the 2013 Planet ComicCon!

Niko spotted Loki right away.  

Then the Joker!

You know Niko loves Spiderman.

He was so excited to see a Ghostbuster.

Niko searched for Thor all day long.  Finally, he saw him and was so happy.


My personal favorite - The Shoveler!

This guy was so awesome - Niko loved the fact that he picked him up.

Lady Captain America!

Mario was pretty fun as well - he had coins that he was handing to the kids.

Dr Who Dalek.

Save me from this Nerd Fate!!!!

Ryker is hanging with Tracy.  :)

 Niko is battling The Hulk.

Totally our Christmas cards this year.  Nerd on.

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