Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Saturday

Neil had to work this weekend so it was Mommy time!  On Saturday afternoon we dyed our Easter Eggs.  BTW, Niko changes into PJs immediately as soon as we get home from everywhere.  So, even though it is in the middle of the afternoon, he is still in jammies.

 Niko is explaining how the eggs are coloring inside the cups.


Then I decided I was going to take the kids on a bike ride.  You know, because I haven't ridden a bike since before I was pregnant and I have never used this pull behind.  Wow.  Pulling 65+ pounds of kid when you have not had any sizable exercise is not wise.  I am sooooo sore!

This is how I felt after the bike ride.  Ryker was so excited by it that he passed out immediately.

Then it was time for bed!  We left out carrots & an egg for the Easter Bunny!

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