Friday, February 22, 2013


The hammock did not make the storm....  Actually, it had been damaged from a previous storm and we just haven't gotten around the backyard to get it down yet.  This photo was taken during the beginning of the storm.  We actually had THUNDERSNOW!

 The snow was coming down at 2" an hour at this point!

Meanwhile, we were hanging out in the living room... ahhhhh....  we watched every single Avengers movie in order throughout the day.  Pizza, popcorn and then pot roast.  Yea.....
This is the first time we were able to use the snowblower that Neil's folks gave us years ago.  It was a life-saver!  Our neighbor used his snowblower and did most of the street leading into the cul-de-sac.  Our snowblower gave out after the first two hours.... hopefully we didn't kill it off!  We were able to get our driveway, our neighbor's driveway and most of the street before it quit.

We received 11" in 6 hours.  Whew....

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