Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Here we SNOW again!

Welcome to Snowmageddon #2.  We have officially received over 20"+ inches of snow and more is still falling.  Ugh.  Please stop.
Our heroes!!!  I ran out and gave the plow truck driver a bag of snacks for plowing us out.  We live in KC, but that is a Gladstone truck.  What great neighbors!

This is probably the most representational photo of my family to date.  I was taking a photo of Ryker and Niko photobombed it.  :)  Yup....  Niko is my LOOK AT ME child.  I wonder where he gets that from...... 


We broke out the walker for Ryker yesterday as we were lampooned indoors all day.  Ryker isn't long enough to actually touch the ground yet, but he did like being pushed around the kitchen by Niko.  It was a bit terrifying to watch though....

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