Thursday, September 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Niko!

We started off the day by marking his birthday height. He's about 28.5" tall now. We spend the morning at Zona Rosa's indoor playground. Niko had a blast playing with the other kids. This is the ugly birthday cake I made for him. Hopefully I will do a better job on his big birthday cake for Saturday! This is the cake his Abuellos bought for him. He loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. He played with the icing for a while then.... I cut the cake in half and he attacked! Godfather Mark and Aunt Shelly bought him this GIANT dog for his birthday. Niko fell in love with one just like it when we were house-hunting. Aunt Shelly had to pry him off that one so they decided to give him one of his own for his birthday.


alissa4illustration said...


Looks like he enjoyed the cake!

You could probably set the big dog on the ledge, so if he falls he won't bust his face. I know the ledge is longer, but at least some of it will be protected.

robyn fabsits said...

Love the cake pics. Looks like he wasn't afraid to dig right in.

alissa4illustration said...

Your cake doesn't look bad. I've found that the best spreader is the rubber baby food spoons. They work well, like mini spatula's. You could try squirting the frosting on with a neat frosting tip. Just a thought.

My biggest problems with cakes and breads are getting them out of the pan without breaking. I use flour baking spray and sometimes they still fall apart. I blame it on the oven. :(