Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Birthday party!

Our neighbor Charito made Niko's cake and a lot of the food for the party.  She baked the cakes and I decorated them.  They were a bit hit!

Neil's cousins from Minnesota came down for the party.  Here is Julio, Ruth and Augusto (Neil's dad).

We had TONS of people at the party.  Thank you to everyone who came over - the weather was perfect and so was the company!

Augusto is showing Niko the delicious Inca Cola - too bad he can't have any yet!

Mmm... I remember this...

Oh yea!  Cake!

This was one of Niko's favorite gifts - a little recliner from Grandma and Grandpa Morris.  He was SOOO happy when he saw it.  He climbed in and out of it all evening.  Godfather Mark and Aunt Shelly kept sitting in it and Niko would get mad and "tell" them to get out.  He was pretty possessive about it!

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