Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Yard work weekend

After - I put in new landscaping timbers, mulch, rocks and grass seeds.

After - this is where the hot tub was.  When it was removed, there was just a dirt pad under the hot tub so we filled it in with rock and put a fire pit in the hole!  You can see where I put the landscape timber and mulch around the patio and reseeded the lawn from where the dead tree was.

I don't have a before for this photo - I should have taken one though.  This area was a disaster.  This is where all the landscape timbers were in a pile under the overgrown bush.  We had the bush trimmed back so it doesn't look like it's eating the house anymore.  No grass will grow under this bush so I framed out an area and filled it with mulch.  I also put down some large brick pavers so there is now a path to get to the hose.  I also repainted the concrete slab so it looks nice and clean back there.

Hopefully all this work will pay off and we will have a buyer soon!


robyn fabsits said...

Wow! The backyard looks huge now.

alissa4illustration said...

Anybody interested yet?