Monday, May 4, 2009

Omaha trip

We found this funny.

Pretty birds!

The meeting of the minds....  Here is Issak and Niko's first meeting.  They got along pretty well!  Issak is about 4 months older than Niko, but as you can see... Niko weighs more.

Niko looks like he could eat Issak...  hungry....

Then it happened.  Sooooo gross.  I learned my lesson - no more prunes before road trips.  We were nodding off for a road trip nap when all hell broke loose.  Shelly notices something on Niko's face - she thought it was spit-up.  Then she saw the source of the stain.
Mass panic as Neil tried to find some where to pull over.  Then the clean-up began.  Thank goodness I had packed towels and a water bottle.   Nasty.


alissa4illustration said...

I stole some photo's.

We had fun too! Our house is always open anytime you want to go to the zoo, or anything else for that matter.

I was wondering about the prunes when you gave him that. I kept my mouth shut. Judging by the damage, maybe I should of said something! It looked pretty disgusting. Shit happens so they say.

alissa4illustration said...

The Asian photo is really funny!