Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Mommy's Store

 A while back we started a sticker incentive program.  Niko's super-awesome teacher Mrs. Kirkpatrick said she uses these sticker sheets in her class and they work very well.  I must say, they work VERY well!  I did make one tweak pulling from my Mom's playbook.   The Mommy Store.  My Mom used to have prizes in plain sight in our house, right above the fridge.  These were items she knew we loved and they would loom over us, just out of reach.  We would look up at the precious prizes, motivated to do whatever was necessary to earn them.

Niko's sheet.  He has to get to the bone safe to get a prize.

 Ryker's sheet.  He needs to get to the black outline stars to get a prize.

 The Mommy Store - now located on the top of my fridge.  Niko likes Yo-Kai Watch toys..... Ryker is more motivated by candy.

 He hit a star!  He gets to pick his prize.  Most of the items are candy, one of the items is a Yo-Kai Watch toy.

Sour Gummy Worms for the win.   :)

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