Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Playroom Redu

 I should have taken a before photo.... this is after 3 hours of sorting.  I decided to go through the boys toys and get rid of all of the baby toys or toys that just don't get played with anymore.  Whew.

This is 2 hours later.  Yes.... this is progress.

This is after 2 more hours of work - much better!  Over the weekend, we bought a new TV stand for this room and it will be delivered next week.  

We are transitioning this room into an entertainment room since our kids are getting older.  A place they can play Legos and video games.  I am going to be selling many of our baby toys soon (including the little slide you see in the living room.)  We (I) will be painting this room a orange/redish color, getting a fun, plush rug and some bean bag chairs for the boys to lounge in.

Kinda sad to see the baby toys go...  I remember buying that slide for Niko's first birthday party and both boys loved to slide on it.  It goes mostly untouched like most of the baby toys now - better to send them to a new home to be loved again.

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