Thursday, August 28, 2014

Cubs Game!

We took Niko to his first Cubs game while we were in Chicago.  It was also his first train ride!  Here he is with Uncle Donnie.
Uncle Dana, Aunt Kay & Grandpa.
Mommy & Daddy.

Sweet home.
We hit the Cubby Bear before we went to the game.

There she is - Wrigley Field.

First game certificate, check.  First Cubs hat, check.

Happy first inning.... oh wait.  Look at those clouds over our shoulders....
Massive down pour.  We were driven into the park with the rest of the stadium.
Happy photo!
Sammy joined us for the game and drinks after the game at the Vines.  Niko had a great time hanging out with him.  :)
 Good Night Chicago!

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Judy Bacon said...

Great pics and good lookin family!!