Wednesday, March 20, 2013

St. Pat's Day Parade


Over the weekend, we went to the Blue Springs St. Pat's Day Parade.  It's know as the world's 'Shortest & Smallest' St. Pat's Day Parade.  The first photo is the actual parade.  That's right, 4 people walk across the street from the Soda Fountain to The Keg.  That's it!  They carry an ice cream float with them because (and I quote) "You can't have a parade without a float."

Then the crowd follows the bagpipers across the street to The Keg.  Considering how cold and gloomy it was, I was pretty glad it was so short.  :)

 Niko grabbed a hug from the Chamber of Commerce mascot.


The many faces of Niko-chan.  We grabbed a scone an hot chocolate after the parade.  Easily the best part of the day for a certain someone.  :)

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