Thursday, January 24, 2013

Posing and Jumping

The many crazy pictures of Niko-chan.  Here is is saying, "Cheese."  He has been wearing his Chicago Bears had a lot lately.... including night-night time.

Woah... he's starting to look like a big kid here...  I see both Neil and myself in this photo.

 Here he is showing you how to eat candy.

I dug out the jumper to see if Ryker would like it.  He LOVES it!

Needs a bit of a boost though.... good thing I have stacks of cook books.

1 comment:

alissa apel said...

If you look at the bottom 2 photos together as one, it looks like Ryker has gigantic legs and feet.

I bet Ryker LOVES playing in that saucer! He looks happy.

Niko looks great in that stocking hat!