Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Food prep with the next gen of Morrises!

So.... I didn't notice that Niko smeared his greasy fingers on my lens until after I took these photos.  Grrr.... he loves playing with this camera lens.

 Ahhhh... a long standing tradition.  The photo session with Dad after any major holiday.

 Ryan holding his cousin Ryker.

 I don't know how Dad can watch three kids attack his pool table with sticks and stay calm.

 Jenny and his shadow, Niko.  Niko loves to hang out with the Jenster.

 Niko and Ryan - the twin tornadoes for the weekend.

 Yea.... this is terrifying.  Grandpa bought the boys BB guns.  "You'll shoot your eye out, kid!"

 Uncle Donnie looking tough.... until you realize it's a Red Ryder.

 Grandpa showing Niko how to aim.

 Get this girl a gun!  Jenny is quite the sharp-shooter!

 A rare shot of Grandpa with a baby.

 This was Jenny's natural state most of the trip.  Glued to the iPod.

 Do-Da with Ryker.

Ohhhhhh.....  the Morris curse is creeping up on Uncle Donnie.  I will be able to slip a sign and an empty beer bottle into this photo in a few years....

 The kids ran around the house with blankets tied around their waist and Jenny was teaching them how to be princesses.  Although Niko came up and told me he was a vampire so it didn't really work.

The boyz....

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