Monday, July 23, 2012

Duo Stroller

Neil and I picked up our double stroller today thanks to Craigslist.  We paid under half of retail for this lightly used stroller - sweet.  I like this one because Niko can jump in and out of the front seat while the back seat fits our infant carrier.

Neil went with me since he's scared that every Craigslist ad is some crazy wanting to cut the second baby out of me.


alissa apel said...

I gave ours to our neighbor. It had a sit/stand feature in the back.

I can understand Neil's concern. That actually happened to a lady while I was prego with Mica.

Kim and Neil said...

Yea.... I give Neil grief about it, but the case that involved the Craigslist pregnancy actually happened in the town I currently work for! True story!