Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day

WOW! Presents! (BTW, this is the way Niko comes down the stairs every morning. Arm full of stuffed animals and the blanket. His LSU blanket I made him before he was born!)

Green Goblin! Santa learned a while back that you must have bad guys. If you don't have bad guys, Spiderman starts attacking the cats and/or furniture in lieu of a wrong to set right.

The Batcave! Not like a girl play house at all.... it's grey afterall! :)

Niko pointing out the fact that Santa put candycanes on the trees.

Wow! Spiderman in my stocking!

Candy and Angry Birds.... what more could you want!

This is definatley one of Niko's faves. It's the original Angry Birds real-life game.... before Mattel bought the franchise and turned the game into a cheap garbage version of the game.

Niko's other favorite present... the Batcave. Sweet.

Neil's Christmas present.... Rodimus Convoy (or Prime depending on what country you are in.) He loves it... even though some would say that he killed Optimus Prime. But that's a different kind of blog.

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