Monday, May 3, 2010

Elizabeth and McCay

We went to Elizabeth and McCay's wedding on Sunday. Don't they make a beautiful couple?? Elizabeth and I worked together at the City of Kansas City, Mo. and I do freelance for her at H&R Block. Elizabeth sang at my wedding... I did not curse her with my singing for her wedding.

This is really the first time Niko was in dress clothes. He looked like a little man... with girl hair. Gotta get on that haircut thing...

It was pretty challenging trying to keep Niko entertained for the wedding. We failed and spent most of the wedding in the lobby. There were several toddlers in the lobby as well so we didn't feel too bad.

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alissa4illustration said...

Yep...been there with the lobby thing! It's especially hard with them at funeral's. At least weddings are a celebration, with funeral's everyone is quiet and sad.