Thursday, March 25, 2010

New lights - new walls

It's hard to tell in this photo, but the walls are very close to what they were in our old house now.  A deeper yellow/orangeish color.

I have been replacing the old, ugly brass light switches along the way.  I just replaced the 6 in the hallways today.

The picture turned out more yellow than the light actually is.  These new ones really make the house feel less dated.  We replaced 5 of the old brass and glass lights in the basement, main floor and upstairs.  These lights are sold in double packs so it only cost us $60 for 6 lights.

Yes.... the ugly "bullet" light is gone.  Our friend Jared came over yesterday and helped me replace 6 brass and glass lights in the house.  This one was a pain... the "bullet" light is SUPER heavy!  This chandler was only $160 and worth every penny.

Replacing the light fixtures was pretty easy and it gave the house an instant update.  I'll be working on the basement and the yard next!

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