Thursday, August 27, 2009

Totoro hat and bib

I have been working on a bunch of stuff for Niko's birthday.  I have made a few hats and a few bibs - they are kinda big on him now, but he is only getting bigger.  I made a smaller bib that I will try on him tonight.

Unfortunately, my sewing machine died on me Tuesday night... I brought it in to be serviced (again) and I won't get it back for 2 weeks.  I'm going to borrow "Grandma O's" machine over the weekend so I can finish his jacket.

The next time my machine acts up I think I'm going to replace it.  My trusty Kenmore is almost 30 years old and I think it's just getting tired.  My mom gave me the machine about 5 years ago and this is it's third time I have had it repaired.  It's been plagued with bobbin problems recently.

Any suggestions on a new machine anyone?


robyn fabsits said...

I've had my Janome for 3 years now and have only had to take it in for repair because I did something wrong. It's close to the middle of the line. I didn't get the cheaper one and couldn't afford the expensive ones. I highly recommend Mo Sew Company. Just don't buy Singer. It's a crappy product now. I now use my old Singer as my backup machine.

robyn fabsits said...

That hat's gonna be awesome this winter!