Thursday, April 2, 2009


Here come trouble.  He still isn't "crawling" in the traditional sense, but he definitely gets around.  The shiny receiver and DVD player are too tempting to ignore.


alissa4illustration said...

We've experienced this too. He also gets the remotes and the dangerous one (the carbon monoxide detector). I'm thinking we should put that one where he can't reach.

robyn fabsits said...

I haven't had a problem w/ Violet touching the cable box or DVD player but, my mom bought a piece of clear plexi and put it in front of all her stuff. Keeps my nephew away plus your remotes work through the plexi. Genius idea!
We took some old remotes and phones and took the batteries out of them and taped the the backs on. This kept her away from the real remotes for a while. Of course now she knows the real remote changes the channel so the remote w/ no batteries is no longer fun.