Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sitting and pushing up

Niko has been both of these things for a while, but with my old, slow digital camera - I haven't been able to get good photos of him doing it.  I borrowed a friend of mine's nice DSLR camera last night and what a difference!  

Niko has been doing push-ups for a long time, but he is getting the idea of moving his legs while he does the push-up.  Yikes.  Don't figure out crawling yet - we have to move first!

Niko can sit for about a minute or so.  He can lift his hands up over his head while he is sitting.  He did it last night and let out a screech then toppled over.  He got too excited about sitting up I guess!

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alissa4illustration said...

Yay! He's sitting. It sounds like he is trying to play, "So Big". That's what we call it when they put their arms up in the air while sitting up. Isaak smiles big when I say, "So Big".

We have one of the older cameras too. At work there is the fancy cameras. I use our manual one a lot.