Wednesday, December 3, 2008

First Cold

Niko and I brought home a lovely present from Chicago - Uncle Donnie's cold. His worst day was Monday - he seems to be feeling much better today. I seem to be getting worse - but I'm making some good antibodies for Niko so it's worth it.

This is an adorable version of the old "snot bulb". Niko does NOT enjoy having this done, but it makes a big difference.


robyn fabsits said...

Here's a crazy tip: If he ever seems to have a bad cough. Rub a ton of vicks cream on his feet and put socks on or footed pjs. Not only did I read about this but the ladies at school knew about it as well. I'd have to say I think it works.

alissa4illustration said...

The Vicks stuff does work well on the feet with socks on of course.

I also found that it works well to spray Saline Nasal Spray up their nose before sucking the snot out. It can be used on babies, and you get a lot more snot out! They don't like it, but it works wonders!